The Worst Movie Cops of All Time

The Worst Movie Cops of All Time

Meet the inept, confused, corrupt, and the ruthless. If these cops aren't bad enough, assemble your own list.

8. Detective James Carter of Rush Hour

With Chief Inspector Lee mastering the hand-to-hand action, someone has to take care of the ladies. Arrogant, single-minded Carter is ready to volunteer. Imagine having to listen to his runaway mouth for 15 hours on a flight to Hong Kong.

7. Officer Rod Farva of Super Troopers

Co-pilot of patrol car RamRod, porky, abrasive, obnoxious Farva is the last partner you want in the cruiser. Vermont is cold; Farva is hot. Were it not for hair-trigger rage he'd have no personality at all. Good thing he's usually suspended from duty.

6. Captain Dudley Smith of LA Confidential

Smith goes through the motions of leading his team of politically hungry and ruthless cops after killers who are slaying LA's mobsters. But he's up to his neck in payoffs. First he shoots Sgt. Vincennes, and then he lures cops White and Exley to the outskirts of town to slay them. Hush-hush!

5. Jack Cates of 48 Hours

When he's not punching out Reggie Hammond, Cates is swilling his way to the bottom of a bottle. Cates smokes like a brush fire, mistreats women, and drives like a teenager on meth. Look up "ethics" in an encyclopedia and Cates' picture won't appear anywhere on the page.

4. Cadet Carey Mahoney of Police Academy

A parking attendant forced into the academy after trashing a car, Mahoney realizes he can't quit police training--he has to get kicked out. "I want outta here, right now," he says. That's a comforting devotion to "protect and serve."

3. Alonzo Harris of Training Day

With a price on his head, Harris sets up his new partner to take the fall. Under the smokescreen of putting Jake through his first day in narcotics, he bribes members of a Mexican street gang to shoot his recruit in a bathtub. Not much law--or order.

2. Police Chief Mike Dorsett of The Untouchables

When mafia chieftain Alfonse Capone needs help from inside the Chicago police force, he sends an alderman to pay off Chief Dorsett. So many of Dorsett's cops are on the take, Agent Ness must recruit his staff from the academy, enlisting fresh, un-bought officers.

And the worst movie cop of all time:

1. Stoned Motorcycle Cop in Up in Smoke

After following Cheech and Chong's smoldering weed wagon for miles, this hopeless CHIP pulls them off the road. When Chong rolls down the window, the officer says, "Uh, whatcha want?"
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