2007: Year of the Taser | New Breed of Police Shock Jocks

2007: Year of the Taser

Who would think that having 50,000 volts from M26 or X26 police taser ripping through your body could be so much fun? In 2007, America discovered a new breed of shock jocks. An astonishing string of journalists, musicians, and performance artists lined up for a jolt. Ordinary civilians turned out for a sample dose. And online video boards bristled with fresh views of taser victims--voluntary and otherwise.

America's Favorite Home Shockers

Americans apparently love to watch people squirm in agony. Online video sites currently offer footage of Oregon resident Frank Waterhouse, tased into submission after refusing to stop filming police searching a neighbor's house. There's online footage of a Utah Highway patrol officer who, in November 2007, tased an alleged speeder right in front of his astonished pregnant wife and child.

Then there are news dogs willing to give up their bodies for a story. Witness the online footage of performance artist/journalist Olivia Cheng volunteering for a tasing. Or, how about some searing video of NBC reporter Brady Douglas signing up for "5 seconds of the worst pain" he reportedly ever felt.

In 2007, Miami CBS affiliate reporter Peter D'Oench asked local cops to give him a taser taste. Online videos show Daily American reporter Michelle Ganassi lining up for her voluntary blast of direct current. She twitches, writhes in convulsions, and cries out in anguish. How entertaining! Apparently none of these investigative all-stars paid heed to news videos of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski dying in the Vancouver International Airport after being tasered by amped-up security guards.

You Want Tupperware With That?

In 2007, taser parties sprouted up across the bizarre American landscape. Phoenix homemaker Dana Shafman invited pals into her living room to gawk at Taser C2 models she has for sale. Shafman sells about 30 tasers a month through her house parties. The smallish, lightweight C2 comes in a variety of cool decorator colors and slips unobtrusively into a purse. And you don't have to burp the lids.

At the taser parties, everyone has a chance to fire the weapon into a sheet of metal. Apparently, housewives are not as enthusiastic as performance artists and journalists about volunteering to take a blast. Stunning!

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