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Not sure yet whether a police job is the right one for you? Youve come to the right place. This page includes information on the various types of law enforcement careers available, as well as a handy salary estimator and links to the latest police job listings. Learn more about law enforcement careers at the federal, state, city and county levels, and what kind of career training you need to qualify.
Law Enforcement Tips & Advice
Getting to know the law enforcement landscape: The 411 on departments and duties
By Kelly Richardson | March 11, 2011
You know you want a law enforcement career. After all, the desire to protect citizens and right the wrongs is in your blood. What you might not know is that there are a wide range of law enforcement jobs to consider before establishing your career.

Day in the Life of a Vice Cop
By Woodrow Aames | August 12, 2009
What's a day in the life of a vice cop like? Learn more and find out how a criminal justice degree could help you get started in this exciting law enforcement career.

Day in the Life of a K9 Officer
By Woodrow Aames | August 03, 2009
Being a copy with a canine partner may sound like the beginning of a buddy comedy, but police officers in K9 squads do invaluable work. Find out what it's like to be a K9 cop and how a degree in criminal justice can help you start your career.

Day in the Life of a SWAT team member
By Brett Freeman | July 13, 2009
Utilizing the latest technology, tactics, and training, SWAT team members are the elite guard of America's police force...

Law Enforcement: Three Jobs in Detail
March 17, 2009
Just as with any other field, the different careers available in law enforcement fit a wide variety of people...

Five Tips to Help You Change Careers to Law Enforcement
By Brett Freeman | February 12, 2009
Are you stuck in a career that's going nowhere? Or are you simply looking for a job that is more challenging and fulfilling? A career in law enforcement offers the opportunity for advancement while doing a job that makes a positive difference in others' lives.

Investigation, Enforcement, Justice: All in a Day's Work for the FBI
February 09, 2009
Serving your country as an agent working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is demanding and rewarding.

State Police: Keeping the Highways Safe
December 16, 2008
Want to become a state trooper? Read about life on the beat and the different paths to law enforcement training...

Economic Slowdown Speeds Up Crime: Will Law Enforcement Jobs Keep Pace?
November 19, 2008
As the country slides into recession, many economists are predicting that things will get worse before they get better.

Homeland Security and Law Enforcement
May 21, 2008
How Homeland Security and the Patriot Act have affected law enforcement (answer: more than you think).

Women in Law Enforcement
May 21, 2008
Women make up only 12% of the U.S. law enforcement industry...

City Police Jobs: What You Need to Know
May 21, 2008
As a municipal police officer, you'll be on the front line in your community, keeping citizens safe.

Law Enforcement Careers at the County Level
May 21, 2008
Jobs in county law enforcement include deputy sheriffs, correction officers, and county court bailiffs.

State Police Jobs: Highway Patrol and More
May 21, 2008
State troopers maintain law and order on state highways, in state buildings, and anywhere that the state has jurisdiction.

Federal Law Enforcement Jobs
May 21, 2008
With responsibilities and jurisdiction that can extend beyond our nation's borders, Federal law enforcement agencies seek candidates with specialized skill sets and advanced education and training.

Three Things CSI Gets Wrong Every Time
May 06, 2008
Think you've learned a lot about forensics from CSI? See if you can guess the three biggest things they get wrong.

2007: Year of the Taser
May 06, 2008
In 2007, Americans fell in love with the taser. We still aren't sure why, but here's a recap of your favorite YouTube clips of screaming, shaking journalists.

The Worst Movie Cops of All Time
May 06, 2008
A list of Hollywood's most inept, corrupt or downright dumb police officers.

The Best Movie Cops of All Time
May 06, 2008
Which hard-bitten movie cops stand the test of time?

Worst TV Cops of All Time
May 06, 2008
A look at the worst television cops of all time from the 1950s to present day.

The Best TV Cops of All Time
May 06, 2008
A look at the best television cops of all time, from the 1960s to present.

The Five Worst Things About Being a Cop
May 06, 2008
What are the biggest day-to-day aggravations in a police officer's career?
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