Criminal Justice Colleges & Degree Programs in Oklahoma, OK

Criminal Justice Colleges in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the Sooner State, named for the 1893 Land Rush. The U.S. Census Bureau puts the 2009 population at 3,687,050 million people. Oklahoma City is the capital and the largest city in the state, with Tulsa the second largest.

Oklahoma Criminal Justice Colleges

There are an estimated 14 criminal justice colleges offering bachelor's degrees in Oklahoma, plus any number of online programs in criminal justice. With a degree from one of these Oklahoma criminal justice colleges, you are prepared for a job as a sworn officer, criminologist, court officer, or corrections officer at the local or state level. FBI crime statistics show that property crimes such as larceny, auto theft, and burglary outweigh violent crimes like murder, rape, and assault by a factor of eight to one in the state, but those in police jobs in Oklahoma must be prepared to deal with both.

Police and Law Enforcement Jobs in Oklahoma

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), law enforcement jobs should grow by about ten percent from 2008 to 2018. Local government agencies employ approximately 79 percent of law enforcement personnel nationwide, with another 11 percent in state agencies and the rest in federal law enforcement. With 39 Indian tribes and nations headquartered in Oklahoma, there are also opportunities in tribal police agencies. Many entry level law enforcement jobs are open to high school or community college graduates, but graduates of criminal justice colleges in Oklahoma should have opportunities for faster advancement. As of 2009 the BLS reported that mean annual income for law enforcement jobs in Oklahoma was slightly lower than the national average, but this is offset by the state's low cost of living. Oklahoma mean annual incomes for selected law enforcement positions are noted below, with the national mean annual income listed second:

  • Correctional Officers and Jailers: $27,850/$42,610
  • Bailiffs: $29,700/$40,240
  • Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers: $36,560/$55,180
  • Detectives Criminal Investigators: $51,890/$65,860
  • First Line Managers/Supervisors of Police and Detectives: $57,640/$78,580

Law enforcement personnel with degrees from Oklahoma criminal justice schools may qualify for higher earnings through advancement into management positions.

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