Criminal Justice Colleges in Ohio, OH

Criminal Justice Colleges in Ohio

Ohio is known as the Buckeye State, with a population of just over 11.5 million people. Columbus is the largest city and the state capital. Other major Ohio cities include Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Akron. Ohio boasts professional baseball, football, and basketball teams as well as nationally-ranked college teams. Criminal justice colleges in Ohio include programs in the Ohio university system, state universities, private colleges, and community colleges. Online criminal justice schools in Ohio also provide programs for undergraduate and advanced degrees in criminal justice. Ohio criminal justice schools prepare students for police jobs in Ohio, including careers as police and sheriff's officers, criminologists, corrections officers, court officers, and more.

Law Enforcement and Police Jobs in Ohio

Law enforcement jobs in Ohio deal with both violent and property crimes. According to FBI crime statistics, in 2009, property crimes topped the list with larceny, burglary, and auto theft the top categories. 2008 data from the National Institute of Corrections shows a crime rate just 2 percent higher than the national average in Ohio, but the violent crime rate was about 24 percent lower than the national average. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects law enforcement jobs to grow by about ten percent from 2008 to 2018. About 79 percent of law enforcement employment is with local government agencies, with another 11 percent in state agencies, and the rest in federal law enforcement. Although many smaller agencies have entry-level jobs for high school or community college graduates, degrees from criminal justice colleges in Ohio open doors for advancement and higher pay. The BLS reported that as of 2009 the mean annual income for law enforcement jobs in Ohio was slightly lower than the national average. Here are comparisons for typical law enforcement positions, with the Ohio mean annual income first and the national mean annual income second:

  • Bailiffs: $38,550/$40,240
  • Correctional Officers and Jailers: $39,080/$42,610
  • Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers: $52,240/$55,180
  • Detectives Criminal Investigators: $64,220/$65,860
  • First Line Managers/Supervisors of Police and Detectives: $71,550/$78,580

Law enforcement personnel with degrees from Ohio criminal justice schools may be able to qualify for advancement and earn incomes higher than the mean for most law enforcement jobs in Ohio.

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