Criminal Justice Colleges in North Carolina, NC

Criminal Justice Colleges in North Carolina

To get started on an empowering career in criminal justice, or accelerate an existing one, get a degree from one of the many North Carolina criminal justice colleges. In fact, Charlotte has one of the best criminal justice programs in the country.

North Carolina Criminal Justice Colleges

The mountains, the coast, and the piedmont all have plenty of great weather, hospitable people, charming towns, and gorgeous views, so you'll have lots of ways to relax and have fun when you're not studying at one of the many criminal justice colleges in North Carolina. With programs ranging from associate's and bachelor's to master's and doctorates, there is a degree for everyone looking for law enforcement jobs in North Carolina. With a dramatic increase in North Carolina's prison capacities, a career in corrections may be a good choice, though North Carolina criminal justice schools can qualify you for challenging and rewarding careers in other fields including:

  • Administration
  • Juvenile justice
  • Teaching
  • Law enforcement
  • Planning and analysis

Salaries and Job Outlook for Law Enforcement Jobs in North Carolina

As of 2009, violent crime rates in North Carolina were 404.3 per 100,000 inhabitants while property crimes rates were 3,668.1 per 100,000 inhabitants, comparable with the national rates of 429.4 and 3036.1, respectively. Larceny was the most reported crime in North Carolina. Cities in North Carolina with the highest crime rates were Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Greensboro, and Raleigh. Overall, North Carolina experienced a decrease of 8.8 percent in reported crimes from 2008. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, North Carolina's mean annual wage for those working in protective services was $34,290 as of 2009, as compared to the national mean annual wage of $41,740. Criminal detectives and investigators earned a mean annual wage of $48,250 in North Carolina as compared to a national mean annual wage of $47,130. With crimes rates on par with the national average, North Carolina is in as much need as any place when it comes to fighting crime. Criminal justice schools in North Carolina prepare students for lifelong careers in this worthwhile field.

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