Criminal Justice Colleges in New Jersey, NJ

Criminal Justice Colleges in New Jersey

Students interested in law enforcement jobs in New Jersey can benefit from a degree from one of the campus-based or online criminal justice colleges in the state. New Jersey criminal justice colleges provide training for a wide range of careers, from police jobs to counseling offenders. Given the trend toward scientific methods in criminal justice, forensics and white collar crime are popular careers while corrections, security, and paralegal work round out the possibilities. Financial aid is available as federal and local agencies promote increased college education. As associate's or bachelor's degree is required for most law enforcement jobs in New Jersey, and those who wish to advance in their careers or pursue specialized careers such as law or forensic psychology typically need a graduate degree. Additional training in specialized areas of forensics, investigation, or legal studies can also help students at criminal justice colleges in New Jersey prepare for the job market.

Salaries and Outlook for Law Enforcement Jobs in New Jersey

Despite a state crime rate that was 29 percent lower than the national average, there are still plenty of police jobs in New Jersey. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state employed 103,760 people in protective service occupations in 2009 out of a nationwide force of over 3.1 million. Law enforcement workers in New Jersey earned a mean annual wage of $52,230, which was significantly higher than the national mean of $41,740. The protective services careers in New Jersey that employed the most individuals in 2009 were:

  • Security guards
  • Police and sheriff's patrol officers
  • Correctional officers and jailers
  • Crossing guards
  • Detectives and criminal investigators

The National Institute of Corrections reports that property crimes in New Jersey were 29 percent lower than the national average in 2008 and violent crimes were 28 percent lower. Despite these excellent statistics, Camden, NJ is ranked as the second most dangerous city in the US. A degree from one of the New Jersey criminal justice schools can provide the training you need to serve the state and its residents and help keep crime down in New Jersey.

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