Criminal Justice Colleges & Degree Programs in New Hampshire, NH

Criminal Justice Colleges in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a treasure of Americana with spectacular scenery, historical/colonial attractions, weather suitable for outdoor activities, and a quiet pace of life. Despite the state's low crime rate--2008 data from the National Institute of Corrections shows the state saw 39 percent less crime than the national average--graduates of criminal justice colleges in New Hampshire can still find work in a wide range of specialties.

New Hampshire Criminal Justice Colleges

In addition to New Hampshire's 10 jail facilities and 8 prisons, probation officers are needed to supervise the nearly 6,000 probationers and parolees in the system in 2008. Graduates of criminal justice schools in New Hampshire can also find work in the court system, forensics departments, or counseling careers. To be qualified for police jobs in New Hampshire, you must attend one of New Hampshire's two police academies. Both are in Concord for local/metropolitan law enforcement or state police officers. Financial aid is available through grants and scholarships, locally and federally.

Salaries and Outlook for Law Enforcement Jobs in New Hampshire

Individuals working in protective service occupations in New Hampshire in 2009 had a mean annual wage of $40,390, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is fairly close the national mean of $41,470. The highest-paying law enforcement jobs in New Hampshire included police/detective supervisors ($70,420), supervisors of correctional officers ($57,380), and fire inspectors ($55,610). New Hampshire employed 11,100 individuals in protective services in 2009, the BLS reports, compared to over 3 million employed nationwide. The low crime rate combined with low incarceration rates in the state are the reason for the low employment figures. With a small criminal justice work force, a degree from one of the New Hampshire criminal justice colleges may be what you need to land a job keeping New Hampshire residents as safe as they are accustomed to being.

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