Criminal Justice Colleges & Degree Programs in Nevada, NV

Criminal Justice Colleges in Nevada

Individuals interested in law enforcement jobs in Nevada can train for careers in corrections, forensics, criminal justice, or psychology at campus-based or online criminal justice colleges in Nevada. A number of schools offer criminal justice degree programs in the state, including certificates, associate's degree, bachelor's degrees, and master's degrees. According to the National Institute of Corrections, Nevada's had 20 jail facilities, 17 prisons, 2 work release centers, and one boot camp in 2008, creating numerous police jobs throughout the state. Graduates of Nevada criminal justice colleges can find work in these facilities and other criminal justice facilities such as the court system, parole and probation system, or counseling and rehabilitation centers.

Salaries and Outlook for Law Enforcement Jobs in Nevada

The mean annual salary for those working in protective service occupations in Nevada in 2009 was $40,710, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while the national mean was $41,740. Some of the law enforcement jobs in Nevada that employed the most people, along with mean wages, included:

  • Security guards: $27,420 (national mean wage: $26,430)
  • Police and sheriff's patrol officers: $64,460 ($55,180)
  • Correctional officers and jailers: $$56,600 ($42,610)

According to 2008 data from the National Institute of Corrections, Nevada's crime rate was about 12 percent higher than the national average, with about 83 percent of crimes in the state being property crimes and the remainder being violent crimes. The violent crime rate in Nevada was significantly higher--37 percent--than other states, so graduates of criminal justice schools in Nevada can put their training to work helping reduce violent crime in cities like Las Vegas and Reno as well as rural areas in the state. Nevada has an enormous budget deficit and high employment so although there is a demand for new law enforcement officers, competition for openings in law enforcement is tough and a degree from Nevada criminal justice college gives you a good bargaining chip.

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