Homeland Security Training, Degree Programs & Schools

Degree Programs for Homeland Security Training

Homeland Security Training Since September 2001, national security has been paramount throughout the U.S., increasing the number of police jobs and other occupations in the field. Whether you are just beginning your criminal justice career or wish to make a change to homeland security, there are many degree programs to choose from.

Homeland Security Degree Programs

You can earn an associate degree in homeland security within two years, and begin your career as a junior police officer or detective right away. If you want a more solid educational foundation, bachelor's degrees offer more in-depth training in homeland security and can help you advance further in your career. For top-level training, master's degree programs in the field include homeland security, intelligence, national security studies, homeland security management, and biosecurity/biodefense. Coursework will vary depending on degree, but might include the following:

  • Homeland security law
  • Sociology
  • Terrorism
  • Hazardous materials
  • Criminal justice

At all levels, you can find accredited degree programs online and on-campus. Earning a degree in homeland security can often increase your salary and advancement opportunities as a criminal justice professional. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for police officers was $47,460 in 2004. For police and detective supervisors, it was $69,310.
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