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Law Enforcement Training The law enforcement field draws diverse personalities and offers lots of different career paths. Training programs for these careers share some basic characteristics, including physical and psychological conditioning and the encouragement of personal and group responsibility. In many cases, you can earn your degree online or on-campus, depending on your location and schedule.

Careers & Jobs with Law Enforcement Training

Typical law enforcement associate degrees are completed in two years, and can qualify you for entry-level work as a police officer, security guard, investigator, or corrections officer. Credits may also be transferred to bachelor's degree programs if you choose to continue your education at any point.

Bachelor's degree programs can lead to greater skills and can begin or advance careers in police departments and investigation units. Students can earn their bachelor's in private security, forensic science, crime scene investigation, or homeland security. Bachelor's degree programs can be completed in four years; if you have already earned an associate degree in law enforcement, it can often be done in two.

To advance further, you can earn your master's in any of the programs mentioned above. To gain admission to a graduate program, you must hold a bachelor's degree, often with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Master's degrees can be completed in two years and can launch law enforcement professionals into a variety of leadership roles.

Disclaimer: Law enforcement agencies may require additional training.
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