Master's Degrees in Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Degrees

Master's Degrees in Criminal Justice

Master's Degrees in Criminal Justice Want to climb the law enforcement ladder? With a master's in criminal justice, you increase your eligibility for leadership positions like deputy chief, police chief, and FBI agent. While seniority plays a role in advancement for many of these positions, promotion opportunities increase for those with a master's degree. And with the Dept. of Homeland Security's continual growth, highly qualified and educated criminal justice professionals will increasingly be in demand.

Requirements for a Criminal Justice Master's Degree

To be admitted into a criminal justice master's degree program, you must hold a bachelor's degree in criminal justice or a related subject. If you fulfilled all prerequisites through your bachelor's program (introductory criminology classes and so on), your master's degree can be completed in about two years.

Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Many accredited criminal justice graduate programs offer on-campus and online classes. If you're already a criminal justice professional, online degree programs will allow you to keep your current job while you work toward your master's degree. This option has become increasingly popular among working law enforcement professionals who want to enhance their career prospects without sacrificing valuable work experience.
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