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State Trooper

State Trooper Career Description

State troopers are law enforcement officials who patrol highways, citing traffic violations and apprehending criminals statewide. They are also called state police officers or highway patrol officers. State troopers assist at the scene of traffic accidents and also write official reports to determine liability. They often aid area police, as well.

State Trooper Education

The police academy is where state troopers gain their official law enforcement training. A high school degree is required, and in some cases, a year or two of college may also be required. College degrees in criminal justice degrees are becoming more common among police officers. A campus or online degree can get you started on the road to a variety of law enforcement careers. Online criminal justice degrees can give you the groundwork you need to embark upon security jobs or police jobs like state trooper.

State Troopers Employment

State trooper is a police job and is not listed separately when broken down into employment numbers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were about 861,000 police and detectives working in the United States in 2006.

State Troopers Job Description

Between 2006 and 2016, employment of police and detectives is expected to grow by 11 percent, or about as fast as average.

State Trooper Salary Range

*The following statistics are taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics data for police and sheriff's patrol officers as of May of 2008.
Median annual salary: $52,810
Top ten percent: $79,680
Bottom ten percent: $30,070

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

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