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Mounted Officer

Mounted Officer Career Overview

If you are an experienced equestrian and have an interest in law enforcement, you may be able to have the best of both worlds. Mounted officers are a special unit within some police departments, particularly those in big cities that help to protect communities and fight crime in a unique way. Police jobs like this can be challenging and even dangerous but can also provide a great career for the right person.

Mounted Officer Education

Mounted officers attend a local police academy, along with other officers. Having previous law enforcement training, including police science or criminal justice degrees, can show your commitment to the field and may lead to promotions or other opportunities for growth in your law enforcement career.

Mounted Officer Employment

Approximately 861,000 individuals worked as police officers, including mounted officers, in 2006. Nearly all mounted officer police jobs are with city and local governments.

Mounted Officer Job Description

Job growth for mounted officers should fall into the average range through 2016, although not all police departments will have officers in these positions. Individuals with a degree, previous law enforcement experience, and skill riding horses will have the best chance of being hired in these specialty positions.

Mounted Officer Salary Range

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the following annual wages for mounted officers and other police officers. *Salaries can fluctuate based on such factors as location, seniority, assignment, and experience.
Low: $30,070
High: $79,680

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

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