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Loss Prevention Management

Loss Prevention Manager Career Overview

A loss prevention manager is an expert in the protection of goods and information. Small companies, large corporations, and the government all depend on loss prevention managers to keep their proprietary information and products safe by developing effective security systems. Loss prevention managers work with law enforcement when something is stolen or a thief is identified.

Loss Prevention Manager Education

Ideally, a loss prevention manager will hold a criminal justice degree from a four-year college or university, but associate's degrees are also common. There is not a strict degree requirement for those with demonstrated experience in other security jobs. Online criminal justice degree programs are becoming more common and thoroughly prepare students for careers in loss prevention. In addition to education and experience, loss prevention managers must be comfortable with computers and able to communicate effectively with company management.

Loss Prevention Manager Employment

Today loss prevention managers are most commonly employed by retail stores and corporations. Large corporations depend on loss prevention managers to oversee store security and develop a system to ensure a reduction in theft.

Loss Prevention Manager Job Description

As the economy grows, there will be more retail companies in need of loss prevention managers. Experience in computer and information security should become increasingly important over time as companies become more reliant on the internet and local networks.

Loss Prevention Manager Salary Range

Annual income for loss prevention managers is generally high and depends on location, employer, and experience. *Most annual wages fall within the following range:
Bottom 10 percent: $61,044
Top 10 percent: $81,552

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

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