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Criminologist Careers

Are you an aspiring psychologist or sociologist who likes to analyze the behavior of others? If so, you might want to consider a career as a criminologist. A criminologist's job is unique from police jobs and other law enforcement careers: Criminologists are experts in psychological and social behaviors who focus on deviations from what is normal. Many criminologists work with law enforcement offices, analyzing the behavior and methods of criminals. A criminologist's job typically has three objectives:

  • To help apprehend criminals
  • To analyze behavior among various demographic groups
  • To assess how various law enforcement techniques can reduce crime
A typical day on the job could be exciting and dramatic, such as visiting crime scenes and attending autopsies. It could also tend toward the academic, such as studying a pattern of behavior among a group and writing a report on which pressures make that behavior increase.

Criminologist Education

A bachelor's degree is standard for entry-level jobs. Many criminologists major in sociology and psychology. Criminal justice degrees, including online criminal justice degrees, often offer concentrations in criminology, which can prepare you for work in the field.

Criminologist Employment

Most criminologists work for the government, whether municipal, state, or federal. Career opportunities are therefore relatively limited. Some criminologists work in the private sector for consulting companies or private investigation firms.

Criminologist Job Decsription

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have specific information regarding criminology jobs, jobs in the social sciences are predicted to grow, on average, approximately 10 percent through 2016.

Criminologist Salary Range

The starting salaries for criminologists depend on the position and education. *You can expect around $30,000 a year if you have a bachelor's degree, and up to $55,000 if you have a master's.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

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