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Federal Airport Security Directors Job Description

Federal airport security directors are organized under the Transportation Security Agency which currently employs 45,000 security officers. Federal airport security directors organize the airport security plan, coordinate its security staff, and oversee passenger and baggage security operations.
Duties of federal airport security directors are determined by the Under Secretary of Transportation for Security. In the high security days following terrorist attacks on American soil in September 11, 2001, federal security directors have received increased responsibilities for oversight of airport screening and surveillance technology, crisis management, risk assessment, and emergency response planning.
You may be called upon to hire and train a security staff, oversee performance, provide awareness training, and coordinate activities between local, state, regional, and federal law enforcement and security organizations.

Airport Security Directors Salary & Career Outlook

Typically directors have held senior management roles in a law enforcement, police, military, corporate security, or aviation security organizations. You should consider online criminal justice degree programs or post-graduate law enforcement training with management courses. Apply through The TSA careers Web site.
Benefits may include personal leave days, paid training, health insurance, paid holidays, thrift savings plans, retirement plan, flexible spending accounts for health care, transportation subsidies, and flexible work scheduling. Additionally, federal airport security employees also receive one-on-one career coaching, career planning, and first access to TSA and homeland security job announcements.
Law enforcement job openings in this field are predicted to grow by 10 percent between 2006 and 2016. *Airport security directors? wages begin at $47,298, with increases up to $89,376.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

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